Photo Studio Coverage

Phottix Soft Box EB-060 60x60 cm

Studio flashes a wide range is represented at the Foto Tronika Professional Photo store. The stud lights are not less than three light sources and each of them has its requirements. The light is the most important part of a good picture, which is why professional photographers are so carefully selected lighting equipment for the studio.

Studio impulse is an integral part of the work of many professional photographers. Impulsive lighting has both advantages and disadvantages. We'll talk about it in more detail.

The constant light that is resistant to impulsive light prevents the thinness of the photo shoot. It attracts newcomers. But...

Studio impulse lights find it appropriate to use those photographers who are well aware of the extraction and diaphragm parameters for which manual photographs are not difficult.

Impulsive light enables the following advantages:

  • Lighting devices;
  • Economies in electricity consumption - studio photos are operated by batteries;
  • Good colour index indicators;
  • Lighting power;
  • No heat transfer;
  • Low cost.

It appears that it is much easier and cheaper to put light in the studio with impulse equipment. But only those photographers who are on you with a sophisticated photo technique can work effectively with that light.

The Foto Tronika store has a wide range of studio photo outbreaks and other devices by which work with light in the studio will reach a professional level. We work with known reliable brands, including Falcon Eyes and Raylabso our buyers can be confident in the quality and functionality of the goods.

Ask our specialists what equipment will suit you. Advisory support will help make the right choices and buy a really useful technique.

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