Photo Studio Equipment

Выбор осветительного

1. (No. 42345)
2. Photograph (No.42346) CLOSED
3. Associate organizer (No.42347)
4. Bitboxer (No.42348)
5. dance group (No.42349)

1. Hello! As of 23 December, Grandpa Moroz (one) is a professional actor with a strong voice. Beautiful! Competitives and games for this category of children. Elka's in Art Café M. Yaseneva. From 17:15 to 18:30, children 5 and from 19:30 to 20:30 are 7 and 14 years old. Prices and photos, videos in the pen.

2. Reporter photographer. A corporate new year. 6 hours of work, M. Palacekaya. In response, send STRAC: 15-20 multiple photographs from corporate events in restaurants, lofts, etc. Don't send weddings, streets, etc. The link to your website. I value six hours at the corporation. Thank you.

3. An assistant organizer is required to work in kindergartens and preschool institutions in Moscow. The car is mandatory!
Duties of the perpetrator:
Delivery of equipment and unloading of decorations to and from the studio.
Helping a photographer with kids.
Liability for the requisition and Photos etc.
5/2 work
The schedule is floating.
Payment for 2,000+ petrol
The beep is given once a month. (Avans is under discussion)
Proposals -

4. Hello, you need a batboxer to work at a bar downtown. Details on the pen. Thank you.

5. A new year's night requires a dance team in the direction of a light and fire show. Pay is under discussion. It's all info.

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