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Все для Вашего творчества. PHOTOSTUDIO FRESH-X 📲+7(925)263-83-03. 📷Оборудование PROFOTO #photostudio...

The studio can be booked by telephone (988) 246 23 55, e-mail info@, or by personal communication to the administrator of WContact, indicating name, telephone number, date and time of reservation.


ACTION: all November 700R/h; during the December booking in November 700R/h.

Storage cost: daytime days 900 p/h
holidays 1,000 p/h
All day (10:00-22:00) 8,000 p

Studio equipment:
RayLab 400 jo-3.
Softbox 35x160 cm 1st.
Softbox 22x90 cm 1st.
Softbox 75x150 cm 1st.
Reflector 7”/18 cm 2 s
Constable Reflector 1st
Storks, juices, color filters, bars, staffing.
Fons: black, white, gray.

♪ Minimum lease time for 1 hour.
- Five MINUTEs are required to NEED up to the end of the last lease hour.
♪ Rented photostody, you agree that you have to comply with the lease rules. The photo shooter has full material responsibility for all the equipment, the requisition and the decoration of the studio, as well as for the actions of persons taking part in the photo shoot and/or during the lease in the photo studio.

♪ When renting a studio for less than 3 hours, you need to pay a prepayment of 50 per cent of the total rental cost within 24 hours.
♪ When renting a studio on weekends or 3 hours, you need to pay a prepayment of 100% of the total rent over a day.
♪ If the armor is removed, the prepayment is not returned. Arrangements may be moved to another date if more than 5 days are cancelled.
♪ You can make a prepayment on Sberbank's map or cash in the studio.
When paid on the map in the commentary to the payment, specify the name, date and time of the armor. If you've forgotten to make a comment, you'll report the advance payment by posting or sending a personal message to the VContact administrator.
♪ If you haven't made a prepayment and we can't reach you, we have the right to remove the armor.
♪ In the event of late start of the lease or early completion of the survey, the amount of payment is not reduced, i.e., payment is charged for the booked time and not for the time of actual stay in the studio.

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