Photosalon Equipment

Оборудование для фото на документыLet's try to make an example. List of necessary components.

  • Digital mirror camera.
  • Computer and monitor.
  • Photo printer
  • Established
  • Flashes.
  • Additional lighting equipment (galog lighter, umbrella, etc.)
  • ID software.
  • Furniture for photosalone (base, customer chair, background, mirror, bucket).

By adding specific figures, it can be said that the cost of all of the above-mentioned Documents photo equipment About 80,000 roubles. Digital camera You must have a minimum clearance of 10 mega-pixels, which will cost you between 10 and 30,000 roubles and above.

An important condition is that a quality photographer. Professionals rely mainly on printers with a continuous ink delivery system (PNP). Their main advantages are the economy of paint and the quality of the press. In fact, they're getting paid faster and they're starting to make profits.

Documents photo software

Speaking of software, we recommend that the Foto programme be used for Profi's documents. It's a graphic editor who allows photos to be produced in different formats - passport, student ticket, visa, etc. The programme has an understandable interface and a convenient navigationist that allows for the creation of quality photographs in a short time. The program allows for uncomplicated retrievals, correct images, and replace backgrounds and clothing in photographs. The Foto Licension Version on Prophy's documents is only 2,950 roubles. It is widely used by professionals in the field of photo business, thanks to the convenience of the use and optimum set of functions.

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