Studio Equipment

In this mini-screen of two articles devoted to light-forming landings, I will try to review their basic types and describe their particular features.

Having studied a studio photograph and watching the first steps of my students, I constantly observe one important moment. Regrettably, the vast majority of newcomers, starting in the studio, are afraid to at least try the full range of accessible landings and for a long time ignoring many of them. Most often, their choices are stopped on large softboxes, and the first attempts to take the light off are delayed indefinitely.

So it's the beginning photographers and these articles are addressed. They're written for one single purpose: to expand your image of studio light, to encourage you to experiment and to help remove the restrictions mentioned, such as the use of only huge softboxes. To that end, we will consider a wide range of popular landing types and, in the example of uncomplicated lighting schemes, demonstrate how these landings can be used in the shooting of people. But I don't want to waste time showing what kind of drawing makes each of the stitches apart. On the network, you can easily find a lot of reviews with manifolds across the white wall, in some way.

Such images allow for a good look at the lights, the softness of the shadows and other details - and look for and study! I want to show the application of the whole range of attacks on specific examples, i.e. to show how they can work in real light circuits, which, in my view, is much more important.

We're going to do the whole survey on Hensel's studio equipment. I have two reasons for choosing this stamp.HenselAll_02 First, in the range of the chosen producer, there's everything we need - Hensel offers the widest line of light-forming landing. Second, Hensel releases studio equipment all possible price categories; to date, this is the widest range of cost-based solutions presented in the market.

HenselAll_01 HenselAll_03 HenselAll_04 HenselAll_10

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