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Sony SLT-A37 is the younger family of modern Sony with a semi-transparent mirror. Many adherents of classic mirrors are often hard to accept innovations, especially as cardinal as the replacement of the optical detector electronically, so the series has many adversaries. However, SLT cameras have the right to life and are very popular - their benefits are hard to argue.

Especially the cameras with a semi-transparent mirror in the segment of the cheapest mirrors. SLT-A37 is even smaller than A35 at the time of its sales, and competes with basic competitive mirrors. The most accessible Pentax and Canon mirrors are only a little cheaper, and Nikon D3200 is expensive. At the same time, the test cell screen is turning and the serial film speed is 7 personnel/s. In addition, the Chamber maintains a video full HD 60i in AVCHD format, while competitors are limited to 24-30 personnel per second. SLT-A37 characters were very attractive, and the price was even more attractive. It's a great candidate for the first mirror, and of course we couldn't resist it.

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