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Shoe and sharpness in photo shoot with compact camera

I noticed when I filmed a compact camera without hand-held devices, that when I took pictures in a room using a flash, and ZOOM puts a maximum increase, the picture comes with a lot of noise, and I think it lacks a sharpness. Why is this happening?

Non-compliance with the gold section in the photograph

Looking at the photos in different magazines. I noticed that the portrait often fails to comply with the law of third parties - people are usually in the middle of the picture. What do you think this is about?

How do you get a picture of the white background?

I'm doing a basic photo shoot for photobanks. Often, I need to take off a piece on a white background. But rarely when the background is completely white. Having read your white balancing lesson, I decided to build a white manual balance. But after that, the background got gray and the flower makes me a little uncomfortable. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? What's the problem?

Photo show, concert, theatrical performance

I recently took a picture of the rock band's end. I tried to take a shot and a flash without it. It's not working. Can you tell me how to put a camera on the concerts and theater?

Should I take a picture of RAW or JPEG?

What are the advantages and minus in the RAW and JPEG formats, as well as in post-mortem treatment in the photoshop?

Why are so many regimes measuring the exhibit?

In my camera, several exposition measurement regimes are multi-zone, partial, medium, precise. I tried to find a response to the camera instructions, but I didn't find anything. Please explain what kind of exposition measurement should be used?

Matrix of camera and beating peaks

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