Canon Cameras Are Professional

Новости 2011 года и новинки фотоаппаратов и фототехники на The new Canon EOS 1D X camera, although it was the news of the photos of industry number one in October 2011, could rightly be called the loudest 2012 in the Canon EOS mirrors. The camera is a top (high) model of professional mirrors from Canon and is a new generation camera.

The camera united both specializations of professional cameras, allowing both high-quality studio surveys and high-speed open-air installations. In doing so, the camera ensures the establishment of both the photo and the full HD video.

The 10th generation of the EOS series replaced EOS-1Ds Mark III and Canon EOS-1D Mark IV. The camera uses a 36-24-mm comprehensive CMOS matrix with an effective resolution of 18 million peaks, which was made possible by the introduction of a number of new sensor technologies. It is the quality of the matrix, and especially its ability to avoid the emergence of " noise " in any person, regardless of the level of lighting, that was identified by the developers as the most important achievement. Canon camera. EOS 1D X. The sensitivity range in ISO units has already reached 51,200 (lower limit - ISO100) and can be extended to ISO 204800. The auto-focusing system operates at 61 locations with the highest sensitivity, speed and accuracy compared to predecessors. The autofocus can also operate in Canon iTR AF mode. For auto-focusing, 41 visor central cross-section sensors are used, five of which are even double.

In the review, the manufacturer also noted the application of a high-to-point new flow measurement system RGB. The sensor has 100,000 points for which the most accurate colour correction is made to determine the best values of extracts and autofocus when tracking persons. The measurement system is even equipped with its own DIGIC 4.

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