Cost Of Professional Camera

Hasselblad LunarFirst " moon " camera

Hasselblad Swedish company Since the mid-twentieth century, I've proven myself to be the producer of the best photo technique. It was at this firm ' s camera that the American Astronaut Neil Armstrong made world-famous pictures of the Moon surface in 1962. In 2012, the company decided to recall the " cosmic " accomplishments by issuing a new photocamer Hasselblad Lunar for filming on the Moon for a 50-year anniversary. Of course, it sounds fantastic, but the point is that the camera is so technically sound that allows pictures even on Earth's nearest satellite!

Lux screen

The new camera is an expression of exquisite and luxury. The outside view of the camera was used by Italian designers, introducing costly elements of the decor. Looks like the Hasselblad camera is awesome and prestigious. The decorative elements are made of expensive wood, skin and ash.

The model series Hasselblad Lunar (the Hasselblad Moon) includes five models in different designer performance. Now the photo lovers will be able to pick a piece of material on their own. In particular, a line of photoapparates is produced using black skin, brown skin, carbon fibre, red tree and olive tree. All cameras are equipped with a titanium pen and an independent video control button.

Technical features of the Hasselblad camera

At the technical level, the camera is complete with a high-resolution high-performance digital matrix, various modes of lighting, a " winning " battery and other parameters that enable the survey to be conducted under virtually all conditions. Thanks to the Sony professional optimum used in the camera, the camera produces photos of maximum quality and clarity, no unnecessary background and noise. All this makes the camera simple in use, practical and universal, because it can be used not only in the studio, but also in a report. Such a camera would be the ideal embodiment of all photo-appearance requirements for both professional photographers, photographers and reporters and amateurs.

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