How Much Professional Photo Is It

Павел Терешковец
1. How much is it worth - look at the index. I bought in March for 15,000.
2. The memory cards are different, so look at the prices.
3. The blurred background and clear contour must be a focus. I'm not really good at this yet, but I'm trying.
4. Green camera (sercium, grill) is a photo-apparate used to select the object of the filming, which includes a mirror in the optical diagram that redirects the luminous flux from the objective to the ocular or to the glass.
Digital camera - a device which is a variety of cameras in which the light-sensitive material is a matrix or several matrices consisting of separate piccells from which the signal appears to be, processed and stored in the machine itself in digital form.
Digital cameras It is possible to split into several classes:

* Integral optimists:
o Competitive (marines) of traditional dimensions. Size and weight are characteristic. The small physical size of the matrix means low sensitivity or high noise levels. Also, this type of camera usually distinguishes the absence or insufficient flexibility of manual displays.
o Overpack, miniature. Not only the size, but often the lack of a viewer and a screen.
o Established in other devices. There is a difference in the absence of their own administration.
o Pseudozercal, exterior view, resembles the mirror camera and, generally, in addition to the digital dispenser, is equipped with a flashlight. The image of such a device shall be displayed on a separate digital screen or on a turning main screen. Generally, there is a rubber on the ground to join the boards and lights (example Konica Minolta series Z).
o Polyserka is a hot term describing the class of machines with a mattum glazing through a film facility, but it is not possible to objectively change. In such machines, the optical diagram contains a luminous prize that transmits between 10 and 50 per cent of the luminous flux to the mattt glass and the rest to the matrix. (examples - Olympus E-10, E-20)

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