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- I don't get off the transport because it doesn't work.
55-200 was bought for D-70 with 18-70. At maximum, he paints the same as the minimum) Yeah, I guess there's no way to drag him. SIGMA AF 135-400 mm F/4.5-5.6
- the portable DVD still plays the role of music or film. Looking at the photo is just superficial, so I can see it. For accumulation, there's a digital photo album of 60 gb. I only have two of them with me alone.
- How do you want to take off the night town without a plain?
- I'm trying not to use a flash.
- about the Gradual Grey filter, thank you.

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Working with Nikon D70, D80, D2xs, Canon 1D MII... I don't know any amateur who's upset with Neconian amateur technique. But people crying after buying 350D, 400D saw a dozen. Yeah, well, the canon's got just steep cameras like 1D, 5Ds that choose pros, but that doesn't mean that cheap consumption as 400D is a professional technique, with a sense and quality. 1D has a sea of dignity, but no idiot will take him to the expedition or tour - he's giving himself to the studio. If you get good photos for 400D, it's all you deserve, or maybe your own creativity, not because Canon's better than that. For a traveler, I'd still recommend d40 or D80s a linza Nikkor 18-200 VR. But then again, I'm doing some pretty complicated surveying, taking off birds, insects, plants, landscapes, so I'm dragging myself with myself, like D50-70-80. For the filming of all the sights and friends, I use nothing with a CANON PowerShot A630 soap, all she needs is doing great. If one of the swords reads this pisanina, think if you need masochism with mirrors, they're heavy. For a home album and a node, any modern soap. The zercalka is really needed on the trip only if you're expecting to publish your photos in good print press, or your film is so special that using the optic and parameters of the soap can't be removed. And the mirror is also expensive, voluminous, and it needs to be kept under surveillance, so it doesn't take off. Do you need this? Eating with a mirror on a journey is only worth it if the purpose of travel is a photograph. If the main task is to have fun or rest, she's gonna keep you from doing it.

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