Professional Camera Canon

Зеркальный фотоаппарат Canon


Enhanced functions, compact and accessible Canon EOS 1100D will make your first steps in the world of photographs light.


Raise the quality of your digital photograph to the level of the mirror cell with the 12-megapixel APS-C matrix. The 14-bit DIGIC 4 imaging processor ensures continuous surveying at a speed of 3, 2 personnel/s, excellent gear and tones richness.


An intuitively understandable manual on functions directly on the screen describes many of the functions of the camera, as well as the advice on their use in the photograph.


On the basis of various topics, the programme outlines automatically select the exhibition, focus and reassignment regime that is best suited to the photographed object, and the creative author is provided with facilities that the photographer asks himself. Canon Basic + makes it easier to create a more precise view of the view and feeling created by these basic automatic regimes, depending on the atmosphere and the type of lighting.


The capture of an amazing HD video at a speed of 25 or 30 personnel/sec with automatic exposure control allows a focus on action. The videos can be edited on PC or Mac's computer or lost directly on the HD televisor through the HDMI camera.


Canon EOS 1100D is rapidly and accurately focused on static and moving objects, thanks to 9 points of auto-focused space. The centre point of the crust type auto-focusing is sensitive to both horizontal and vertical lines.

Componute and view the images on the big PC spike with the resolution of 230000 points, which also provides access to the camera menu and to the fast-track screen.


The Green Room Canon EOS 1100D is compatible with all EOS objectivities and accessories: flashes, remote launch devices, and with over 60 facilities that have earned the confidence of professional photographers around the world.

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