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Nikon D810: неделя с экспертом
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  • Plus

  • Highest detail of photos;
  • Great flower;
  • quality picture to ISO 3200-6400;
  • High speed for such authorization;
  • A large buffer at JPG;
  • Nice autofocus;
  • A developed ergonomic;
  • dust and water protection;
  • Broad governance opportunities;
  • videotape to 1080@60p;
  • Microphone entrance and head restraint exit;
  • Work with two memory cards.
  • Less

  • relatively high cost;
  • The possibility of a mara;
  • a small buffer in RAW and S-RAW.


Nikon D810: неделя с экспертомNikon D810 is a multi-megapixel full-card mirror. The solution to its matrix is 36, 3 million peaks. She works in a couple with the Expeed 4. The serial survey speed is 5 personnel/s with full authorization. Nikon D810 can film 1080p with 60 personnel/s. The camera has diagonal 3, 2 inch and the resolution of 129,000 points. The camera works with two flash drives simultaneously: the CF and SD format. The camera will be perfect for landscapes, for studio photographers, for creative photos in less difficult lighting conditions.

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Comment by the expert

Nikon D810 is a modern, complete mirror designed primarily for those photographers who need uncompromising and high image quality. A diaper, a wedding, an advertisement photograph is a great flower in these genres and the highest detail of Nikon D810 images will be particularly useful. The 36-megapixel matrix without a low-frequency optical filter D810 provides the highest detail in all digital mirrors.

The D810 control interface is designed for an experienced photographer, and newcomers may seem too complex. However, the speed of control is high due to the slaughter of individual buttons and selters, as well as the ability of many of them to develop thinly. Along with relatively high speed and excellent autophosics, this allows for the use of D810, including for reporting. And don't scare you with a high resolution. When filming with insufficient lighting, it allows for more effective noise-reduction. In addition, you always have the opportunity to do low-resolution photos, including S-RAW.

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