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"Sweet" cameras.

Previously, active rest and underwater photographers had a difficult choice: they had to buy either a high-value professional apparatus (with a high degree of use and a large set of functions, but also a bassauly expensive one), or submarines (single films with very poor quality but cheap). There has been, and there is still another option, to buy a special waterproof chess, but it is certainly a loss of convenience and quality - the camera needs to be carefully sealed, and then, on the other hand, "package," the voluminous submarines, which sometimes just have nowhere to be removed, the photos often come from the condensate and the tubes.

However, there is now an alternative, a fistful camera. Recently, a number of manufacturers have presented their models that do not contain water (up to 12 metres), falls (up to 3 metres) of sand, dust and even cold (up to 10 for mountain skiers and such winter rest). These cameras are slightly different from the usual. compact cameras - their design often resembles bathyscafs; the form is very convenient and ergonomic - that the camera does not slip out of hand even in an extreme situation; the control buttons are large and with rubber coating. When establishing a control system for submarine photocaps, manufacturers tend to refuse normal ginger and discs - only cut-in buttons with waterproof water buttons are used, which exclude the possibility of entering the shell of moisture and dust. The object is always safely protected by a special, strong glass that allows for easy filming without worrying that it can be accidentally damaged.

If you think you want a submarine camera, you need to decide which one. And the challenge is that every self-respecting producer now has 3 to 10 models - a total of over 50 models on the market (and all of them are in the FotoLux catalogue). The following are the most important points that... ♪

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