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Профессиональный свет

♪ In the cold season, try to wear cream after every wash of your hands. That's why you keep one tube in the office, the other one at home. In the creams, the triumph of obligatory ingredients must be found: glycerin, fat saturated oils and vitamin E. Ideally, the cream you use the day should be easier on the texture than the one you put on tonight, or the feeling of the fat hands won't leave you. If you only have one cremphate, just add a few drops of coconut or any other natural cosmetics oil, it won't get any harder and the formula will work a few times more active.
♪ Even if you're very cold on the street, barely crossing the door, don't throw on the hot water to clean and warm up the ladders in it, so the temperatures are steep for the skin and can cause irritation. It's better to turn on some warm or cold water. Believe me, the bacteria is not as bad as it is, and the hands are getting kicked.
♪ In the fall and winter, no further food will ever hurt. Split your hands in front of your homemade manicure, add a few drops of oil to the warm water bath. A good option is the juncture: it contains a variety of fatty acids (the most important ones are omega-6 and omega-9) and vitamins E, A and C, which retain the skin of young and ulcer.
♪ One integrated care cream is not sufficient and without scrubbing - the skin is mired more frequently and the particles on it become more expensive. Besides, after the pyling, even the thickest cream is much easier to absorb. Abraid particles have a lot of stamps.
♪ Despite the fact that wearing masks is not as simple as smashing hands at the working table, in the fall and in the winter, it is important to devote several minutes of free time to this procedure. Maps
∙ Hands emitting dry skin with nutrients several times more efficient than crems. There are those that need to be washed and masked gloves that allow any cases to be handled while leaving.
♪ Nothing will protect hands in the cold better than gloves. In the coming freezes under warm bars or gloves, put on thin cotton paper to preserve heat. Doms don't forget the rubber shop gloves and wear them during cleaning, no matter what she's up to, or you just clean the mirrors. So you won't let the chemicals have a devastating impact on the skin of your hands. And the manicure will last a long time.

Ilux is a professional light for the beauty industry.

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