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Instagram has introduced a business scout, companies can maintain their blog and communicate with clients inside the service. The main content of this social network is photographs. How do you not turn the account into a slag and learn to photograph? The author SMMPlaner examined the background of the photograph, tried to take pictures on the goid and learned the secrets of the mobile photographer.

What you need to start before you take a picture.

  1. Clear the cell. Nothing's gonna ruin the footage like a stain on the ground.
  2. Set maximum quality parameters. Usually, when the photos are downloaded into the network, they squeeze. But high-resolution photos are more easily edited.
  3. Don't use zoom. Smartphones are digitized, increasing the picture, but worsening the quality. It stretches the image. It's the same thing to increase the picture itself and cut the unnecessary. ♪ Professional cameras Optical scale is used, which increases the image through remote change of diaphragm and focus distance. Quality is therefore not compromised.
  4. Как сделать профессиональное фото для Instagram?Turn off the effects and use HDR. The built-in effects of the photograph will not be better, so they have set up special applications to process the photograph, perform the colour correction and set filters to adjust their intensity. HDR is technologies whose range of brightness exceeds the capacity of standard tools. In fact, this technology combines several photographs taken with different exhibits. The images are made more saturated.

Basis of the commentary

Apply rule three.

Rule III is a simplified interpretation of the gold section rule and one of the simplest rules that can be applied to the mobile photograph. The cadre needs to be diagonized and vertically divided into three equal parts, and the net is doing great. It's included in the building of the camera. The rule is that objects that are located along the lines or at crossing points are more visible. Make important details in these places. If you want to dispel the sky, you'll give him two three horizontally.

Using this rule, the picture will be dynamic and oriented. However, it should not always be used. When you want to show me the symmetry. Also, don't try to keep up with clear lines: if you think that little neglect would make the picture harmonious.

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