Professional Photo Equipment

взять профессиональное

Travel poses a variety of tasks to the photographer. Anton Agarkov, a traveler, a professional photographer with a lot of experience, reveals the secrets of the technical side of the films, allowing us to look into our backpack with additional, no less important than basic, photos of the equipment that enables us to make amazing personnel that we do not admire.
The ability to survey different lighting conditions helps to generate flashes. A proper lighting organization imposes certain equipment requirements. Anton uses Japanese Nissin flashes. Through the wireless management system Nissin Air System, which includes a set of outbreaks of Nissin, Nisssin Air 1, Air R, the photographer is able to organize a lighting system in any of the most difficult circumstances. The radio control does not affect the location of the known flashpoint relative to the transmitter or the presence of obstacles between them. The signal extends to a distance of not less than 30 mm.
Transmitter Air 1 can work with 3-mm outbreak groups on one of 8 channels. At the same time, the transmitter may be connected to 21 flashes. The power control shall be conducted both in TTL and manually. The flash and the transmitter support high-speed synchronization to 1/8000 s.
Joby's capacity with flashing plugs can help as an assistant, allowing for a flash in the right place.
The Eneloop accumulators will provide uninterrupted work under difficult photo-departure conditions, with the ability to operate at a temperature of up to 20 degrees, low self-reliance and the ability to keep high voltage to almost full discharge.
We are pleased that Anton has stopped his choice of Nissin equipment, Joby, Eneloop, and wishes him new creative successes!

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