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Canon G1 X Mark II обзор на Canon G1 X Mark II is a professional digital camera, a compromise between the compact numerals and the professional mirror camera function.

Although only Mark II was added in the name of the camera, a new G1 X could be boldly called G2 X, because it's a completely different camera. Canon's company carefully examined the criticism of the previous model and took into account all consumer wishes.

The similarity of the old and new model can only be found in the perfect quality of the pictures, since the modernization was almost completely inspired and the design of the cameras.

When we look at the inners of Canon G1 X Mark II, we find the same semi-promote matrix as Micro Four Thirds (Micro 4/3) and much larger than the 1-inch sensor of Sony RX100 II. DIGIC 6 ensures the rapid processing of images and the ISO range now between 100 and 12800. The permit fell slightly from 14, 3 mega-pixels and is 12, 8 mega-pixels. The reason for this decision is to ensure the same effective focus distance for photographs with the ratio of the parties 3:2 and 4:3.

Фотоаппарат Canon G1 X Mark II вид сзадиThe cam is being improved, and Canon G1 X Mark II has an object with a focus distance of 24 to 120 mm, a 5-fold optical zum, with the use of the zium optical nucleus plus acres to 10x. The light of the objectivity of the new model is f/2.0-3.9 (as opposed to f/2.8-5.8 in the predecessor ' s case) and the diaphragm has been provided with 9th petals. Two control rings can be found on the facility, one of which is rotated smoothly and is responsible for manual focus, the second allows the rapid management of the diaphragm. It should be noted that the minimum focus distance is now 5 cm and not 20 cm in the first version of the model.

The proponent who worked abnormal in the first version of the PowerShot G1 X had to be abandoned, so the G1 X Mark II dimensions became markedly smaller. The same person who needs a viewer will be able to purchase an external EVF-DC1 that is attached to a hot shoe.

Canon G1 X Mark II's 3-inch dispensation at Canon G1 X Mark II's camera has become sensory, but now it's not possible to throw away, it turns only vertically and 180 degrees upwards.

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