Amd Photo

The Network finally has photographs of the upcoming AMD Zen processors and the new aligned contact area AM4. The Rocket will be compatible with both the forthcoming Bristol Ridge hybrid chips and the high-productivity Summit Ridge processors based on the Zen architecture. In other words, it will be the first contact area of AMD that will approach the whole line of the company ' s consumer desk chips and replace AM- and FM-Socket.

AM4 is a huge step forward than the old AM3+. Lastly, there was built-in support for PCIe 3.0 and USB 3.1. The new desk platform supports the DDR4 two-channel memory with a working frequency of 3,200 MHz. The Rocket works up to 24 PCIe lines, depending on the chipset, which corresponds to the Intel LGA1151 platform.

As to the appearance of the contact area, it is traditionally white. This applies to all previous company sizes, including AM2 and AM3. When a company produces a second version of a discrepancy, they are already in black colour, which is fair for AM2+, AM3+ and possibly for AM4+, if any.

The size of the contact area as compared to AM3+ has not changed completely and remains 40 x 40 mm. The most significant difference is the increase in contacts to 1331. Compared to 942 contacts in AM3+, this is very much and significantly higher than in Intel LGA1151. For the first time, PGA-socket from AMD includes more contacts than competing Intel LGA. Much of this is dictated by the desire of AMD to ensure that the platform is compatible with APU and the flagship CPU.

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