Budget Mirrors


How much does the camera even live? Typically, a few years, but many manufacturers are going to be able to overwhelm the model several times a year or two to maintain interest. Flag cameras are only rarely updated - they have a lot of funds in their development, but sales are significantly lower than budget mirrors: often new cameras are financially unusable.

Here. low-cost mirror cameras Like they're being updated pretty fast. For example, Nikon ' s three-digit family has been replenished three times over the past five years, with four devices in the series (D3000, D3100, D3200 and recently considered D3300). The Pentax, which has updated the budget line twice over the past two years and has expanded it. What about Canon? This producer has the cheapest screen mirror updated almost once a year, and the Canon EOS 1100D updates have waited three years. Anyway, the life cycle at Canon's cheapest mirror was as good as the flagship products.

However, for the most accessible Canon series, the long-term expectation of renewal has become the norm, because EOS 1000D has also had to wait about three years. So what changed for so much time? The interior of the novel was only a cosmetic change, the resolution of the images increased from 12 to 18 Mp, and the display grew physically by 0, 3 inch and in terms of resolution, from 230,000 to 460 thousand points. Full HD video was also added, as there is no way in today. Otherwise, at first glance, Canon EOS 1200D is not different from the predecessor: the same detector, the same battery, the same number of white and magical bundles, and the expoze module with the processor is similar. An old camera in a slightly new package? Even if so, experience suggests that sometimes good refining of the shell can significantly transform the camera.

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