Buy A Camera Olympus

Купить Фотоаппарат системный
  • Extreme protection♪ The chamber ' s metal hull is complemented by many plugs and seals, making it safely protected from dust, sand, water and dirt. Such a camera is not afraid of blows and falls, so it can be taken with it on the most extreme journeys.
  • More in the frame.♪ The Compact Chamber is equipped with a broad-angle object that contains all the details. An additional optical stabilization system would enable the owner to obtain a sharp and clear footing when filming without staffing.
  • Remote control. With a mobile application, the owner will be able to quickly hand over the classified material to the smartphone and share it with his friends. The camera is equipped with a GPS module that preserves the coordinates for each file.
  • Qualitative video. A broad-based object captures 90° of the review, so all the details of sporting events will be human. The camera removes fullHD and speeds up to 60 personnel per second, making the tape smooth and detailed.
  • Suitable detector♪ The camera is equipped with an folding display at a directional angle of 180° for as easily as possible from any angle.
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