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Hello, everyone. We have Han Hye-joo today. We know her on such domes as "W: Two Worlds, "Great Heritage," etc.

Zodiac sign: Rabbit, Fish
Professional: actress, model
Place of birth: Jongju, South Korea
Family: parents, younger brother
Education: Donguk University (Scension and Cinematographic Faculty)
Hobby: singing, writing poems, playing piano, running, fencing
Growth: 172 cm
Weight: 48 kg

Han Hyo Jo was born in Jongju, Northern Province of Chunchong. She's a senior child in the family, and she has a younger brother that Hyo Jo cared about both as a child and as of this day. Her mother was a primary school teacher, then became a public school inspector, and her father was an Air Force officer. When she was a kid, she was good at sports, especially in an easy athlete. In the second year of secondary school, she moved to Seoul and applied to the Bulgok High School teenage school, even though her father was categorically opposed. She then went to Dongguk University to the Faculty of Art, which teaches actor skills.
Hyun-joo was the first to get popular after she took part in a beauty contest in 2003, and this year she started her actor's career in the Nonstop Five and the gangster comedy "My boss, my hero two." She deserved a confession from the movie critics after the filming at the Spring Wales.
In 2006, Director Lee Yoon Ki proposed to Hyun-joo to play a leading role in a small, independent film called Ad-Lib Night. Her heroin is a young woman who opens a new side of herself after a terrible night meeting with strangers. Then Han went down in two very successful television projects - "By Land and Sky" in a couple with Park Hae Jin in 2007, and played an adventurer at the Il Ji Mae Doram in Lee June Ki in 2008. In 2008, Hyun Joo was invited to an international film festival in Jongju.
Her breakthrough in the actor's career followed a film at the Great Heritage Dom, where she cooperated with a popular South Korean actor Lee Seung Guy. This premiere became a hit in 2009 and received an audition of 47 per cent. After the filming, Han received a lot of offers to film magazines, advertisements, interview requests and participate in the TV show, as well as a lot of offers to film the dorams and films.
In the same year, Han played a major role in the Soul Music Doram, which also took K.Will off, the project was his debut as an actor. This Dorama became a hit on Internet portals.

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