Canon Or Nicon Feedback

Canon 5D mark II vs Nikon D800In this article, 1,307 words.

Canon is represented by its constant top 100m:

It's classic. The house is a few miles away.

I've been shooting from the state, on different diaphragms. I'll bring it here for F5.6 as diaphragms on which both objects are to produce their best results.

I'll remind you of the specifications.

Nikon D800
36 Mpix (7360 x 4912)
4, 7 um, size of one pickle.

Canon 5D mark II
22 Mpix (5616 x 3744)
6, 2 um, size of one pickle.

Canon vs NikonYou may comment on what you see personally. I see that photo of Nikon D800 is a little bit more and scrubbing. I do not see a special advantage in detail (between 30 per cent more in the area, thanks to a smaller peak and, accordingly, the authorization of the matrix. Maybe there's +10 percent, but I'm not sure.

We repeat the test for loyalty.

The result was repeated - there was little difference in the permit.

Surveyors for self-examination

Press the button to show the hidden contents.

But it's infinity. What about shorter distances? Like a portrait.

Diaphragm F11, iso 100, 1/125, staffing, outbreak. Distance is 3mm.
For both photos, colour temperature: 5,350K,-5

Canon 5D mark II + Canon EF 100/2.8L Macro IS USM
Nikon D800 + Nikon 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor

It's a different thing to close range. Nikon D800 shows much greater detail. Look at the colored artifacts dating thin repetitive lines is a muar that says there's not enough resolution of the camera matrix.

It is not sufficient to permit such small-scale disgrace and correctly restore the right color in this place, there is an incorrect work of the demosaic algorithms, and we see the muar. It starts at the Canon 5D mark II and even more, which also indirectly suggests a lower resolution of the sensor.

In a live image, in real surveys, this difference in authorization is not so visible. As you've seen before, the simplest available tests with an infinity film and a brick wall give us mixed results. There's barely a win-win.

I always used Canon, but I looked at Nikon. He left his work cut, which prevents the use of many side objects. Plus the price is usually higher.

Canon 5D mark II vs Nikon D800 муар Canon 5D mark II vs Nikon D800

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