Characteristics Of Cameras

11. цифровые фотоаппараты и их

Modern photographic devices are complex optical devices. Despite the diversity of designs, a number of common nodes and mechanisms can be identified in each camera. It is above all a light-proof camera, in the front of which the objective is reinforced. On the opposite side of the camera, there's a light-sensitive material in the cassettes. The number of lights passing through the objective on the lighting material shall be controlled by closures. The precise definition of the location of the photographed object is carried out by the prospector. In order to obtain a sharp picture of the light-sensitive photographic material, the camera has devices and controls on the surge of the objective. Most of the cameras are equipped with photoxonometric devices necessary to determine and install the correct display during the survey. In addition, cameras have a mechanism to import photographs. We'll look at the basic characteristics of the cameras.


The light-proof camera, which is the hull of the camera, simultaneously protects the photovoltaic from the outside light. All nodes and mechanisms shall be installed in the unit. The camera is made of metal, plastic or wood. In the middle and high-grade cameras, the metal and the simplest plastics. Village cameras are cumbersome, and therefore only used for the cameras of arrogant type.

Photo objective

With an objective, the optical image of the photographed objects is formed on the light-sensitive material. The quality of this image depends on the properties of the objective.

The object consists of an optical lense system in the right. There's a diaphragm between the lens. The number of lens in modern objects is 10 or more. Some lenses glue in colorless cells. The right of the objectivus ensures the exact reciprocal location of the lens in accordance with the calculation. It also protects lens from mechanical and atmospheric impacts. The rights of most modern objects are black.

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