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The fire started at about 11:30 in a large home warehouse on Suvorov 73 E. Thirty-seven personnel and 11 units of equipment have been deployed to eliminate the fire. They tried to remove the open flame and prevent the fire from spreading to the second part of the building.

A domestic warehouse, more known as a house of economic evidence, has been burned for undetermined reasons. Fortunately, there was no one inside the fire. Burning the building from the entrance to the Suvorov Street. The flame covered three sides of the warehouse and the roof. The size of the area covered by the fire has not yet been clarified, according to preliminary information, the flame covers 300 square metres.

Inside, MES staff are not going in because it's possible to break the roof. To date, 37 personnel and 11 units of equipment have been deployed to eliminate the fire. According to one of the firefighters, the water is scarce, and the flame quickly spreads to the right side of the warehouse. The smoke covered most of the area at the Suvorov street junction and the 60th anniversary of Oktyabrya.

Update: 15:06

Open combustion has been successfully eliminated. No survivors during the fire. Straight and fire-fighting are under way. Public firefighting officers specify the material damage and causes of the fire. They are also assisted by a fire testing laboratory. Forty-six persons and 16 units of equipment were involved in eliminating the fire.

Update: 14:39

There's a headquarters on the side of the entrance, all firefighters are coordinated. The interior spaces are hung through windows, because it's dangerous to walk through the inside of the building, there's a possibility of breaking the roof that's already burned. The main task at this point is to prevent fire from moving to the second part of the building. There's a possibility of spreading fire to the next building. The fire is on an ambulance.

Update: 14:00

At the time of the firefighters ' arrival in the warehouse, the furniture and cars had already been filled. Now the flames are over. domestic equipment and economic materials. More than half the angar is completely burned.

To date, the amount of damage cannot be determined, but it is now clear that the owners will suffer extensive losses. Whether the property was insured until known.

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