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The year 1998 was very difficult for the Russian economy, the year of default and the economic crisis (many of you, esteemed readers, remembers it). However, it was at that time that one of the flags of the Russian Internet business, the OZON online megamarque. ru.

1. Here we go.

It was founded in St. Petersburg by a joint effort of Rexoft (programming) and Terra Fantastica (publishing), as a sales service for the sale of books and a video link via the Internet. The founders of the Rexoft, Alexander Egorov and Dmitri Rudak, inspired the success of the American Amazon Internet Machine com (with the influence of Amazon the name). Site ozon. ru started working and accepted the first orders on 9 April 1998.

An important competitive advantage at the beginning was that was the first Russian-language Internet store to offer users the information accompanying the proposed products (reviews, reviews, recommendations system).

After the 1998 default, Terra Fantastica was unable to continue to participate in the project and Rexoft (which survived through foreign orders) purchased its share as the sole owner. The project has grown and developed from the outset, increasing additional services and expanding its impact.

1998 - A payment card co-authorization service was launched and later became an autonomous payment system of Assist. A tape of world and Russian culture is added.
1999 - Additional investments received from ru-Net Holdings.
2000 - moving to Moscow. Opening the office and the warehouse. Significant expansion of the range. Foreign sales accounted for 50 per cent of total company turnover.
2003 - early in the year, the store first became self-sufficient. Creating your own courier service.
2005 - Web visitors are becoming accessible electronics, computer equipment, photoware and mobile phones.
2007 - Added goods for the family, children and home.
2009 - OZON travel online. travel
2010 - The sale of shoes started. Later in 2012, a web-based sapato shoes was purchased.
2013 - units (vibrinas) in Latvia and Kazakhstan are emerging.
2014 - Vitrine opening in Israel and EU countries.

OZON. ru is now a flagship of electronic commerce not only in Russia but also in all post-Soviet space. In the range of more than 3, 5 million items. About 700,000 visitors per day enter the Ozon site and the total number of clients over 15 million. The shop supports 20 means of payment and modes of delivery that allow buyers, depending on their location, to obtain an optimal combination.

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