Good Camera Canon

быстрый зум 15x, быстрая

Which camera? What camera? It's a matter that everyone asks about. It doesn't matter if you choose a camera for yourself, as a gift to your boss, for your mom, for the kids... You will inevitably face the fact that models in the market are large and the price of them varies enormously. I'll try to tell you how to choose a camera that is perfect for your needs.

Start from the date of release. Progress is not on the spot, and most often there's no point in buying the model that your friends recommended as a faithful and true friend for not a year. Call attention to the 2015 and 2014 cameras. With the lowest exception, new cameras are filming better than two to three years ago.

How pick a good camera. And don't regret the waste of money? It's a little more complicated here, because the concept of "good" is one of its own: someone appreciates the sharpness of the pictures, someone with a compact size, and someone put the body's color first. Therefore, we'll conditionally divide all the cameras on the market into several categories. I'll tell you who's perfect for a category. Moreover, in each category, we have already selected the best 3-5 cameras to date based on our own experience and our unique tests.

In fact, they're called very compact. The minimum size is not an indicator. Rather, it's a historical name that's reached a whole class of phototechnicians since the time of compact soap. There are now hundreds of models in the CD-ROM segment, ranging from tiny pocket cameras to hyper-supersums. All of them are united: the camera is already equipped with a non-replaceable objective. You don't have to think about optics, enough to get a camera out of the box, charge and start filming.

The cheapest cameras are compacts. This is due to the simplicity of their design and not too high (e.g. small size of the matrix). But it's the hardest, the smallest, with the biggest snake. There are waterproof models that can be removed underwater. There's something interesting in this segment, too. These are premium-class compacts that can compete as images even with mirrors.

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