Mirror Photo

Зеркалка дает осознание кадра

1. Dimension and weight.
I always carry with me... These words are difficult to apply to a mirror camera with a set of objects. The weight of such a kit sometimes reaches several kilograms and the dimensions require a large bag or a special backpack. If it's "unweight soap" to put it in your pocket. You never know when an interesting man can turn up, and your motel is always ready!

2. "Stop and heart."
It's very easy to get a high-quality picture of a digital bowl. Of course, the technical quality of photographs of the mirror camera is better, but it's only visible from the experienced photographer. Most often happens: the photographer of the mirrors obtained is much worse. Because... mirror cameraUnlike the mowers, it's not actually meant for a photo shoot in the machine. How much time and knowledge do you need to correctly build the scratches in manual modes? Anyway, the difference will only be visible in the print of large-scale pictures. And for a family photo album or the internet, a mouse is perfect.

3. It's deeper than a surge.
Yeah, yeah, that's the advantage of the mouse. If you've been holding hands for once. numerical With a light-powered objectivity, you realize that it's difficult to get the necessary depth of the rupture, to diaphragm the object, to nullify all the advantages of a large matrix. However, with the same light-powered objective, the depth of the rupture will be much higher, so you don't have to worry about the sharpness of the staff.

4. Minimum focus distance.
The small size of the mouse matrix requires a short-focused objectiva, and the laws of the opticals, in turn, make it possible to focus the objects in front of the "sum nose." It's important if you like macro.

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