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Like artillery and anti-tank missile specialists in Column

The Day of Missile Army and Artillery is celebrated on 19 November. The troops are now actively engaged in new weapons, active robotics are under way, and the artillery systems will eventually become fully automatic. A new high-speed anti-tank missile complex is also being developed for the army ' s needs, and the artillery themselves characterize it in a very small way: " I shot and forgot to strike " . In anticipation of the celebration, MK visited the training centre for the operational use of missile forces and the artillery of the Sokhoput troops in the Column. Anti-tank calculations, artillery scouts, anti-tank missile complex specialists and even craneers are being prepared. These guys are mostly studying army novels.

Photo: Gennady Churches

The center is in the process of preparing for graduation. The trainers dressed in the new Ratnik are keeping their skills on the polygon.

Two MT-12 artillery weapons, Rapira, are being targeted. The anti-tank gun had been adopted since the early 1970s, but still confirmed its high characteristics. It's called "sniper gun." Artillers take off the cheeks and build the stanes, lower armour shields, closing them from shards and bullets.

♪ To fight!

♪ Direction 47, right 10, below five, objective BMP, the crews of the shooter sound like a civilian thug. Not for artillery.

♪ I see the target is instantly responding to the lead.

Shots fired from Rapir are ruptured. To reduce the power of return, the guns are equipped with a dilute brake. Because of his unusual form, he received the name Solonca. At the time of the shot, a bright flame explodes from the door brake. The training target is impressed.

The 31st platoon of the Rahimjanov Private Artem Rahimjanov, who was recruited from Tatarstan, describes Rapira ' s accessories:

♪ That's an optical target. He's slaming his hand on one of the pipes on the gun. - It's designed to shoot straight. It's a panoramic target that is needed to shoot a closed fire position.

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