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N1Commission equipment.

Magazine " Fair Photometre " , Ul. Nerasov d.1
• Accepts the commission
• Buy and sell
• Exchange
• Receipts in the purchase of new goods
New and former professional photographic equipment for leading world producers. The fee of the store is 20 per cent of the price of sale, irrespective of the type and cost of the photocopying equipment. If the goods were purchased in our stores, the commission will be 15 per cent.

Our technicians will check your condition and equipment. At the same time as the appearance on the window, all the information about your product, together with the photos, will also appear on the catalogue on our Internet store.

The status assessment shall be based on a five-fifth scale:
• New - completely new technology (but without guarantee);
5 - photovoltaic ex-service, practically non-use;
:: 4 phototechnicians with visible traces of use but fully correct;
3 phototechnicians with significant traces of use but fully correct

• When the commission is delivered and removed and when the money is paid, it is necessary to have a passport on its own;
• Phototechnician of domestic production over 1950, compact cameras, etc., shall be taken at the discretion of the store.
• Goods with defects not detected at the commission ' s reception and identified prior to sale to the buyer shall be removed and returned.
● Technology assessment is carried out by the staff of the service centre, so the admission to the board and the purchase of photo equipment is carried out only in the afternoon from 11 to 20 hours.
∙ The payment of money for the goods sold is effected three days after the sale, during the hours of the accountant ' s work, from 11 to 20 hours on weekdays.

Guaranteed obligations
We are allowing commissioners to test the equipment and verify its condition before the contract of sale is concluded. If there is a valid guarantee plate on a commission originally purchased at the Fair Card stores, we will fulfil all obligations during the period of the manufacturer ' s guarantee. However, we are not responsible for the performance of the security obligations of the parties ' firms, and we are not providing our own guarantee to the mission phototechnician.

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