Photocapitas Canon Eos

Canon EOS 1D Body
  • The great quality of the pictures. The model is equipped with an 18-Mp CMOS-mart with a resolution of 5184x3456 points, a function of image stabilization and a powerful Digic IV processor. All of this ensures the receipt of contrasting and clear photographs with saturated, living colours and low noise levels. The Sensitivity Index shall vary between 100 and 6400 ISO and the maximum value of ISO 12800 in H1.
  • Unlimited creativity. The model has seven plot regimes and an intellectual automatic Basic+ regime, as well as software, two semi-automatic modes and a manually installed display regime. Canon Mirror EOS 600D Kit 18-55 DC III may be bragged by a 3-inch Clear View TFT-spray, which, in Live View mode, can be removed from non-standard positions, from land or with high-handed hands, as well as an examination of the material received.
  • Video film and material inspection on the big screen. The device is capable of conducting a full HD video with a manual control capability. Storage photos and tapes can be stored on SD-format memory maps, and HDMI-detection--- it's like a plasma panel.
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