Параметры фотоаппаратаThere are five main features among all the camera producers: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony, followed by Fuji, Panasonic, Casio, Samsung, Sigma. They are followed by Kodak, Leica, Ricoh, Rekam, Ergo and UFO, which are much smaller.

In choice digital camera The following points should be clarified:

1. Physical size of the matrix. It is recommended to select the cell whose matrix is larger. So you can minimise the noises on the pictures.
2. The light of the objective. It is recommended to select the most light-powered cameras. However, consider that this does not guarantee you optical quality, but only gives you greater probability of quality work in a wider range of diaphragms. " 2.8-5.6 " , approximately the meaning of the light force around the lens.Фотокамера в разрезе This number shows the luminous intensity at the edges of the zummation range. There is a rule that the less the indicator is, the better.
3. Number of megapics or authorization. Each modern camera is marked by a number of mega-pixels, which should be sufficient to print 20x30 cm or more. However, it is not necessary to be chased by selecting the camera for the number of them, as the more authorization is given, the higher the level of noise in the photographs, which is particularly evident in the small size matrices.
4. Zuma's negligence. This characteristic does not, in itself, speak of anything and does not describe the image. Attention should be drawn to the range of focus areas, rather than the angles of the review. This value is written on the object near the value of the light force. If the focus distance is small, there'll be a lot in the frame, and if it's big, it's not enough, but there's an increase effect.
5. ISO sensitivity. The most important rule is the more possible ISO, the more chance it is to take a good picture in the dark. However, it should be known that the smaller the matrix and the greater the value of ISO, the higher the noise level in the photo when filming in the dark. This dependency is conditional and not direct, because technical progress is not on the ground, and new models become a little better than previous ones.
6. Sounding during video. This function may be one of two types: a digital snake or an optical snake. The second is preferable if you want to get quality. ♪ ♪

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