Photography Of Choice

We deal with “megapixelism”: the parameter has always been controversial, but it's just that we need to take the one where the picels are bigger. It's a clear sign of more recent technologies (exclusions happen, but special, inappropriate price, you'll find out at once). The number of mega-pixes affects the choice after the size of the matrix is taken into account. For example, you can afford to spend the money, and there's a rabbit camera on 10 mega-pixels or a full-call camera on 5 mega-piksel, you're gonna need a full shot. But if that amount is the cheapest A full-time camera is missing, take a rabbit with a lot of mega-piksel. In the end, you've already understood - the first rule of mega-toxicity doesn't affect, but the selection criteria fall.

When studying the range of universals, it is easy to see that some cameras with a smaller matrix are more expensive than those with larger cells. Inequity may be blamed for the strong differences in the age of models, but most likely marketing. The game is based on the fact that, in addition to the notion of " quality " , cameras are characterized by a mass of extra plugs, such as:

  • Video
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sample speed
  • Panorama
  • Automatic filming regimes
  • Instagram/Contact
  • Efficiency
  • Tach-Earran
  • So.

This is the time to recall the important thing: we're talking about the quality of the photos that you remember and caused a smartphone shift to a camera. From this point of view, all of the above-mentioned was of no value until you saw it on the specifications, and you didn't start recording it on the pros for some fascinating model. Don't do that. Nearly any of these parameters, your smartphone will have a professional medium cell a million.


Video, the presence of a rotten video in a cell turns it into a combin. It's gonna take more money, and the money's not gonna go for the photo, it's for the video. Either way, it's a different direction, and the viewers have their shoes and faints. One good thing-- whatever camera with the video footage on the big matrix you didn't buy--- by the quality of the video, she'd shut the belts of any smartphone together with all the registrars, the eff- and the web cameras together.

Wi-Fi, as an Internet access to download images on Instagram/Contastics, is as good as it is as long as the interface from the scary dreams of uzabelles. You don't have a smartphone. Wi-Fi can be easy to get files on the computer if there are three photos on the card, but if you drive hygigabytes out of leave, you'll have to wait a long time. And actually, finding a cell without wi-fi is hard now, so not a test.

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