Rental Of Moscow Objects

ФотопрокатWe're bringing to your attention the first diskont roll in Moscow! ZOOM is renting cameras, video cameras, as well as anything that might be necessary for the survey process: facilities, various studio equipment and

DeLight Studio provides the following services: FOTOUSLUGI-VIDEOUSLUGI - STUDY - EQUIPMENT ARENDA - OCIFRSKA - TYRAGE: Mr. Moskva, Dokuchai Alloys, St. 1, Metro (Stat) Sukhrev Site

The photography offers a unique opportunity not to invest in the most modern and professional equipment needed to film. The photography is a unique place where the survey process can be fully organized.

We are endeavouring to provide photographs with the best technology to translate the most bold creative ideas and to allow prospective photographers to work in professional equipment. It's important that you get as much opportunities as possible.

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