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DSC05661It happens to me sometimes, you watch a movie, and then you can't sleep and you think, you worry, sometimes you're happy, and sometimes you're sad. It happens to the books, too, if the author is talented, then after reading, I may suffer for a few more days. But for me to be as powerful as I am... That never happened.

I'll tell you today, and I'll show you the book of the Korean illustrator:

This book is about how

A girl who spent his whole little life in the mountains with grandparents. One day, she has to go to town with her mom and dad, go to a new school and start a new life.DSC05662 The sadness and toast of a girl who doesn't find a common language with parents and classmates. But one day a boy moves into the next house and a friend comes along, and a new world, and with him and joy in life...

The words in the book are very small, they're only there to explain the main points, and everything else will be illustrated. I just couldn't stop when I took the camera. But even that ear of photographs that will be lower in this post, it's only 10% of the beauty that is in the book.


It's a typical text. He's not on every turn and just a couple lines, but no more. The main pleasure in the book is visual.

Yeah, by the way, I want to warn parents with sensitive children, the book mentions Grandma and Grandpa's death, and if your kid takes such stories seriously, maybe he should show that book later.

There is often no text at all.


It's an amazing book on the power of perception. Sonia and I have been leafing her for a week. We've already learned the whole story, but it's impossible to get out. And then you're stunning and thinking about the fate of a little girl and you think about what she's doing, you're worried and you believe in good things. Anyway, I feel like I've seen a strong movie or read that touches my soul book. It's in this book of illustrations.

We'll add to the perfect layout:

  • format more than average
  • Hard paper,
  • The quality of polygraphs is as beautiful as in expensive albums with reproduction.

Sona and I really liked the book crazy. She's amazing. She's beautiful and touching her soul. I recommend!

Price and where to buy:

Checks -

DSC05665 DSC05666 DSC05667 DSC05668

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