The Bright World Of The Address

Яркий мир в Санкт-Петербурге

“A bright world” - It's a shop network, which in 2014, as a result of the restailing, was renamed the Fair Market. The first network store was opened in 1995 in St. Petersburg at the Nerasov Hall, 1. Today, the network has grown to 21 full-fledged cameras and 16 divisions in the north capital hypermarkets, as well as in the cities of Colpino, Choborg, Kirishi.

The " bright photo marker " offers a huge choice of digital phototechnics, consumables and a wide range of photo services. Among the main advantages of the network are qualitative certified goods with a guarantee against more than 8,000 brands, including Sanon, Sony, Kodak, Olympus, Casio, Sigma. The " bright photography " is an official dealer of some brands. All the photos are available. Acceptable prices and constant discounts, shares, special proposals make purchases in the Yark World profitable. There are experienced professional consultants.

Both digital photographic equipment and long-awaited faculties can be purchased at the Fair Photo Market stores camerasrhythtic models. The services show a digital photo, a bulb photo, a photo revival, scanning, streaming, etc.

Photos of accessories, including chargers, photos, photo frames, albums, and souvenir products (magnets, plates, mugs, t-shirts).

A professional student, visiting photographer is also offered here, and cards, photobooks, posters and calendars can be made. In the network, you're really gonna have to order some fashionable bikes that can complement both home and office interfaces. There's also a commission, where an old photo technician can be sold, exchanged it, bought a b/o of cameras or purchased a new technician, partially repaid the amount of the purchase at the expense of the delivered product.

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