What Kind Of Camera To Choose

For a starter photographer, the choice of the first " adult " camera appears to be as painful as the issue of a graduate who goes after school!
Opportunity is scattered, and the solution to the issue is extremely important, almost despicable!
I remember my soap when I decided to purchase my first mirror camera. A few producers, a wide choice of models for each of them, no objective at all. Reflect all this on a long series of technical characteristics, and the challenge of making a conscious choice is completely intractable!
Important reviews in printed publications and solid portals are respectful but do not provide clear answers. User feedback is contradictory and subjective. It is not possible to understand what is more important: the speed of focus, the dynamic range of the matrix or the number of mega-peakers! ?
Выбор первой зеркальной камеры It's not gonna hurt long enough!
Having acquired the experience of filming, different cameras of different systems, having spoken to many photographic colleagues, now, after a few years of photographic exercises, memories of those disturbances are a nostalgic smile. And solid reviews of the cameras in the subject-matters seem to be pure profiling! No, they write the right and important things, but they miss the point.
The point is, the choice isn't that complicated. And more importantly, this choice is not so important!
I'll start from second.

Illusion of the importance of choosing First mirror Chambers

The importance of choosing the first mirror camera as a starting photographer is very overrated. In fact, the market situation is that the main producers of phototechnicians, and this is Canon, Nikon and Sony, in the same class (price segment) the cameras give the same quality and offer the same opportunities. There's a difference, but it's very small.
Зеркальная камера для начинающих In other words, the younger cells of different brands are being removed equally. In the older class, the struggle goes on, too, as called "news of the nostril." And so far as the top, professional decisions. Nikon D4's new top camera is very similar to Canon's top camera.
Moreover, the difference in photographs between the smallest amateur mirror cameras and cameras is higher, and even the most expensive models, is not as great.
Paradoxical, but today the first four classes of Canon mirrors are provided with the same 18-megapics of APS-C format.
EOS 1100D - EOS 600D - EOS 60D - EOS 7D is equipped with similar sensors, if not identical, and gives approximately the same image quality. Significant progress has been made as a result of an increase in sensor to a full scale of 3,6x24 mm in Canon 5D (5D Mark II), 1Ds (1Dx) and Nikon D700, D3x, D4.
Кэнон и Никон Moreover, the beauty of the picture from an artistic point of view has little to do with the technical improvement of the camera. I will give only one example: the known photographer of Oleg Tityaev made two photos of the cameras in different weight categories and received almost identical pictures from an artistic point of view.
Today, as I see the whole situation from the inside, I am convinced that for amateur who takes the artistic picture in the highest sense of the word, with the aim of creating beautiful impressive pictures from which the spirit is seized, the question is far from the first place!
Many prominent photographers have made such an idea of the role of the camera in the photograph. But at times, the starters have doubts about their sincerity. If the camera doesn't matter, why are these people taking astronomical kits? Something doesn't fit in here, suspects a cautious reader.

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